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 February 2017

Too busy to improve your business?

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Too busy. Really! No one is too busy to do what they really want or need to do. NO ONE.  

Business owners often tell me the reason they can’t take the first or any steps to improving themselves or their business … ‘I can’t, I’m too busy’.  Almost everyone is busy; with living, sport, family, work, kids, hobbies, gym …whatever… that’s true.  BUT let’s be clear busy is a choice. It’s what you choose to be busy doing in your business that determines if you own a business or the business owns you.

NO ONE is too busy to do what’s important to them (or important for their business).

Yet many business owners find themselves ‘being owned’ by a business that isn’t working for them, their family or their life: Too much stress, Too much to do, Not enough money, Too many hours, Too many staff problems….and so on.  Question is; Why do business owners continue to choose outcomes of sustained pain?

Michael Gerber, 30 years ago published The E-Myth (1986) provided an insight; The crux of the E-Myth is that many small business owners work ‘in’ their business and not ‘on’ their business, the consequences of that choice being they own a job that determines their life, not a business that allows them the life that works for them…the life their family requires and they desire…. and envisioned when they started their business!

The ‘light bulb’ answer to making your business work for you…the way it should. Is start operating the business today as it needs to be operating for that business to support the life you require …desire.

How do I make my business work? Easier said than done you say, yes. But as a business owner you are not afraid of hard work. The road block isn’t being work shy, the knowledge is easily available and people with know-how on how to make your business work for you are ready to assist.

The real road block on the pathway to building a business that truly works for you…is your mind-set and what you choose to spend your time doing (or not doing).  If you are not happy with where your business is and the life it’s delivering for you – it’s your choice to do something about it. Or not!

Because when you are saying you ‘I’m too Busy’ – what you are really saying is ‘No, I don’t want to’!

Murray Dempsey